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Website Development and Internet Marketing

Desynz is a leading internet marketing company and search engine optimisation firm based in London. We provide the best of technology and internet marketing solutions to our clients. Our technical expertise to design and develop a site is followed by strategy-building by internet marketing professionals, making it a complete solution.

We offer the following services:

Website Design and Development: Our web designing is focused on two elements – usability and visual appeal. Apart from making usable content easily available, we match the design of the website with the needs of effective search engine marketing. There is no doubt that the look and feel of the website attracts many customers. However, it is the user friendliness that makes the incoming traffic stay on the website. We promise timely delivery of the best suitable layout, balancing budget and features to provide the most profitable online solution.

Hosting: After setting up your website, we provide hosting services. If you need a new URL, we help you get it and provide assistance in the transfer of the domain name from the existing server hosting your website to our server. We guarantee 99.9% site uptime and maintain a backup that is ready to restage at short notice. Additionally, we offer maintenance support services.

Internet Marketing: Our online marketing solutions include:

  • Search Engine Optimisation: Being one of the leading company in London offering Search Engine Optimisation, with our SEO know how, we help your website earn significant organic traffic through major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • PPC: We manage targeted pay per click campaigns and ally them with the SEO strategy for the website to achieve the marketing objectives.
  • Social Media Optimisation: Sites for social networking, video sharing and microblogging are used to create online buzz about your business and brand awareness.
  • Email Marketing: Messages are sent to your targeted audience to build a brand for your business.

Mobile Websites and Apps: If you are running a small business with an online presence, it's important to understand the necessity of having your website compatible for mobile users. Websites not optimised appear jumbled or difficult to navigate when accessed through smart phones or other mobile devices. There has been a tremendous increase globally of users accessing the Internet on mobile devices.

Conversion Rate Optimisation: Conversion rate optimisation is a strategy to help increase a website's effectiveness while persuading site visitors to take positive action. At Desynz, our specialists have years of experience in website development and marketing. We truly understand what it takes to optimise the online conversion process while maximising your site’s capabilities.

Conversion Analysis Report: Desynz provides expert website feedback to help you increase conversion rates. Our detailed conversion analysis report includes recommendations to assist clients in increasing leads from their website. This is accomplished through an in-depth study after determining your conversion goals. With a number of effective strategies and techniques through competitive research we can improve your sales funnel.

Analytics Service: Promoting any website online requires an extensive research on keyword and key phrase. We understand that having the right keywords will provide the basis for any search engine optimisation or Internet marketing campaign. By identifying effective keywords, it will ensure your website is found by those more likely to use your services and products. Our successful analytics service enables targeted online promotions of your site.

Desynz, with its know how and vast experience in expanding the client database, aims at achieving high returns on investment for your business.