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About Us

Website Design, Internet Marketing & IT Consultancy Company

A Search engine optimisation company in London and also operating in the US from its base in California, Desynz is a leading firm in internet marketing and IT consultancy. It specializes in serving clients from the hospitality and travel industry to many other industries. The company is associated with some of the leading brands from the lodging industry. Websites designed by us become the platform for generating revenue.

Desynz is a provider of innovative technology solutions. We keep ourselves updated with all advancements in the sphere of Information Technology. Additionally, we keep a check on the market trends, which helps us to be at par with the best in the business. We pass on the benefits of this leadership in the industry to our clients so they can benefit from an updated internet marketing strategy.

Vast experience in online marketing including search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, email marketing, social media marketing and designing cost effective mobile website . . . all this expertise combined, we create effective solutions to enhance the visibility of our clients on the Internet. Our commitment to the business objectives of our clients ensure that the focus of our work remains on our clients enjoying high return on investment.

Desynz aims to build lasting relationships with its clients. We understand their needs and design practical solutions that fulfil their requirements. Keeping it simple, we do not compromise on how stunning our products can be. Our mission is to optimise the potential of the online medium to help businesses realise their goals.

Trust our professionals to satisfy you with their creative and productive efforts. We keep all channels of communication open. This keeps us on the same page and helps us achieve the desired results through cooperation and collective efforts.